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Hydra-X is a Family owned business with 25+ years of experience within the aerospace industry leader by providing space and aviation cabling solutions, such as fabrication and production of ground support or flight-level cables/harnesses.

Hydra-X is (technical/engineering/production) foundation built on superb quality and exceptional service.

About Hydra-X

Your partner for innovative cabling systems and components

As an experienced system supplier of cable technology and complex special cabling systems, we support the manufacturing processes in Cabling sectors. We are certified according to many important standards, which also includes industry-specific specifications. This makes us a competent partner for challenging aerospace industries.

With our expertise and decades of experience, we see ourselves as a flexible full-service partner with a strong customer focus – from development and contract manufacturing to materials management and just-in-time logistics.

Services We Provide

Cabling Systems For Aviation/space

For a long time we have been a partner of the aircraft industry in the production of sophisticated cabling systems. This industry is characterized by the highest safety standards and other exceptional requirements. This requires a very special innovative strength from a supplier company, which we at Hydra-X have. This makes us the ideal partner when it comes to highquality cable solutions for the aerospace sector.

Space Assemblies & Harnesses

Hydra-X offers space cables, ground and flight harnesses, build-to-print services and module assembly for space applications.

Space Grade Cables

Hydra-X offers shielded and non-shielded space grade cables with different wire gauges and numbers of cores.

Pfa Space Cables

Hydra-X offers a big variety of lightweight and thin cables with PFA jacket for space applications.

Testing Services

Hydra-X offers micro-sectioning, high frequency, time-domain reflectometry and retention measuring with an inclusive test report as a service.

Connect Your Project Safe With Us:

We have Standardized production

Our production is certified. Our processes are 100% traceable. Final controls including retention tests are carried out in laboratory.

Secure harness design

During the development phase, we determine the design and specifications of the harnesses. Our range of services includes configuration management, revision control and subsequent documentation.

High reliability

Our lightweight and compact solutions are robust, vibration and shock resistant, resistant to extreme temperatures and radiation, and magnetically shielded.